Love and hate relationship with watercolor

Watercolor rendering took me longer than I wish it had. I had never befriended it in the real life, so I guess I should not be surprised that taming it digitally was not easy as pie. This painting was a good practice to understand the difference between drawing on wet paper and drawing on dry, using thinners vs. not using thinners, using layers to apply shades and so many more. It took me about 5 hours of trial and error to get to this: akiniai-render

I am quite happy with this outcome. Not sure if I get to rendering the hair part. On one hand it looks cute like this, on the other – I am curious how the drawing would look fully rendered. One tip I wish I had used while rendering face – applying cold base for the shaded area and warm base for the lit area. I guess it would have added more life and interest. Will try it next time.


A version with rendered hair:akiniai-render2

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