Why I turned down an offer to illustrate a children book

Previously I have been working on some sketches for a publishing house in order to finally get this job to illustrate a children book about a sad rabbit (https://inezane.wordpress.com/2016/09/10/a-sad-rabbit-and-a-happy-illustrator/). I had brief descriptions of several scenes. I wanted to get a assignment badly. And so I got it.

And then I got the full text of the book. As I kept on reading I could not believe still texts like these  are still circulating around in modern children literature. As a mother myself I was not ok with text saying that mother is ashamed when her child is not eating well. The fact that  both the mother and the child are rabbits was not a game changer for me. Another place which left me gasping was when dad of a rabbit punished the kid for being sad and made it stand in the corner to fix it’s behaviour. Wow. I am certainly NOT going to draw this. Sorry, publishing house. See you later, my long awaited commission. 12669576_1730498773853192_5888445429049655399_n

"Hey, do you think I should take up this illustration offer?" "Nope. Let's look at a full moon instead".

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