(Dis)advantages of working from home

So my kid is back in the day care, and I have the whole day free!!! Now I’m going to get things done. Draw, write, style some photos! Many many things!

But guess what – my Macbook says hello, it’s time to update! And it’s going to take half an hour. So I grab my vacuum cleaner and run though the house. Then I decide to move sofa, tidy up some shelves. One look through the window – weeds are ruling the garden, beetroots are crying for water. Are you kidding me?

That’s when I understand the value of every single minute I get for myself. Once I had all the time in the world.  All hours after work were mine!

Why did I spend them so useless back then? I could have created an empire of nursery decor!

Funny thing though – I could not do it back then. Because Cars For Mars is just a happy random thing that happened when I became a mom to a boy. And this boy which gave me the gift of personal nursery decor brand at the same time is barely leaving any time for me to work on it 🙂

Life takes you interesting places when you stop resisting.

Just do what you can in this moment. Like a flower. You grow, you bloom or just let the bee do its job.

CARS FOR MARS nursery printsafterlight

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