OMG, is it midlife crisis yet?

I am 38. Couple of months ago my favorite radio station was the one playing good oldies. I was  remembering sweet 1999, when I used to danced away 3 nights per week. “Ahh, yes, the Good Ol’ Days”, I used to sigh.


a couple of months ago


started to change


I started to turn “European Hit Radio” up more frequently, which my four year old son loved so much.  Gosh, these tracks started to get me into a dancing mood! They CAN actually be danced to! I can’t believe I had no idea who Ed Sheeran was just a few months ago. He’s one of my favourite singers now. Well, once again it happened not without help of my kid. As he started mumbling “commonbemybabycommon”, I just had to find out where it was coming from.


Couple of months ago I was using a non-smartphone aka dumb phone. I started to get comfortable with it despite three long years of smartphone addiction. I even started claiming that smartphone was the thing




Get by


However. As Instagram became my main channel of communication, I had to bite the lip and take my smartphone back. Happy as it was it told me

babe, don’t you ever EVER leave me again”. 

I started digging into social media branding and suddenly felt HERE and NOW. I am HERE, I breath the air of today, it’s in my blood. Even though the end of 90’s was amazing and wild, my time is NOW. Everybody’s time is NOW. So I put away all nostalgic moods, old truths and even old songs. I opened my windows and doors to in the New Good Times. Even though it might be the early sign of upcoming midlife crisis, I am fine with it.

P.S.: if you see me with a “Frozen”* cap on and wearing a belly-button revealing t-shirt, please PLEASE do nudge me. Gently.

“Even though the end of 90’s was amazing and wild, my time is NOW. Everybody’s time is NOW”.

*popular cartoon.

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