Artsy Collaboration With A 4-Year-Old Changed My Brand

I got kind of comfortable drawing black and white prints. In facts, a palette full of colours does make me freeze up. Too many choices is an intimidating thing.

But a few days ago my son started showing me colourful car pictures on Etsy and asking them for his birthday.

Wait what? My kid? A lover of black and white cars mummy draws especially for him? 

I started to smell alluring challenges ahead. Can I do colourful Nursery Prints? You bet, I can!

So I took one my black and white bestsellers – “The Different Car” and decided to give it a go.

frame 10008 small

“The Different Car” print on Etsy (a downloadable print)

I was carefully choosing colours when my 4-year-old came up to me and said “Cool! Can I do it too?” So I let him. This is what my print looked like 10 minutes after. 10 minutes.

frame 10008 manto spalvotas

Cool, I thought. My kid is playing with Adobe Illustrator like any other game. And he’s doing fine with colours. His cheerful use of colours inspired me and when my little Picasso went to bed, I copied this print and put some vintage touch to it.

frame helicopter

Colourful “The Different Car” print on Etsy for downloading

So I guess, a new era is dawning for Cars For Mars.

Or not.

Whatever it is I have a good teacher for embracing colours. Which is kind of soothing.

Cars For Mars Nursery Prints

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