Be careful choosing your wall art – it can change your life

I had no intention to start longboarding. Yep, I accidentally won a longboard in one silly contest 10 years ago, but had no idea why I even participated in it. A longboard and me was no way a match! I was scared even to ride a bike. So how come now, 10 years later, I finally decided to give this neglected longboard a try?

It suddenly stroke me – can it be the effect of a nursery poster? So I started researching.

frame 10031

Five months ago I launched a nursery decor brand Cars For Mars. A rabbit on a skateboard was one of the first doodles which became a bestseller right in the first month. It was hanging in my son’s room, was often featured on my Instagram and in other ways was around me for five months. And then one day I just went to Youtube and started searching how to ride that funky thing.

Can a poster make you braver? Can it motivate you to do something you thought you would never do? Do motivational posters actually work?  

Science says, they do.

In 2012 Canadian scientists G.P. Lantham  and R.F.Piccolo investigated the subconscious effects that motivational art can have on employee performance in a call center. 54 employees were divided into three groups. One group was primed by a poster of people making telephone calls in a call center, another – by photo of a woman winning a race, and third one had a blank wall. None of the participants showed conscious awareness of a prime. During 4 days actual amount of money raised by those with a call center photo prime was 16 percent more than that which was raised by those with a race photo, and 85 percent more than those with a blank wall. Researchers suggest that contest specific (in this field study – call center photo) posters subconsciously increase need for achievement.

Wasn’t it that what happened with me and this skating rabbit? Who knows. Shivers go down my spine when I realise I also have a print with a rabbit riding a helicopter…

frame helicopter


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